Pre-Audio Slideshow

In preparation for an audio slideshow I’m making about two comedy shows in Brooklyn, I’m just going to provide a quick overview of the comedians and the shows to make it easier to follow along in my next post. The first show was “Delocated Witness Protection Program Variety Show,” (March 29) and the second one is The Wards of Merkin (April 13) at St. Vitus in Greenpoint. “Delocated” was a show on adult swim about a man in the witness protection program with his own reality show. This variety show includes performances from Eugene Mirman, and Todd Barry, but also includes a burlesque act from Angie Pontani, a work out routine from Steve Cirbus, and musical numbers too from Jon and Yo La Tango. The entire time Jon was asking about the Michigan University basketball game. The Wards of Merkin was a smaller show, more comunal in nature. Storyteller Mara Wilson, Seth Herzog, Frank Conniff, musician Mike Dowdy, and Zach Galifianakis performed in that order for $7. Leo Allen, a producer and comedian himself gave the traditional toast. My friend Drew was called up to light the candles at the beginning, another tradition that took longer than any other candle lighting ceremony before. Drew kept dropping the matches while the audience chanted “Sandra Duncan” over and over again. It was great to talk to the comedians afterwards, and to bring Drew into the flock. As an aspiring comedian, he was very excited to meet so many of the best comics in New York City and couldn’t wait to come back.


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