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Check These Out (or don’t and be sad forever)

The following are great comedy shows that no one was watching that have already come (and some are gone already) are as follows:

Kroll Show: A spastic sketch comedy show from stand up and improv extraodinaire Nick Kroll.

Archer: Cartoon legend Adam Reed creates a satirical James Bond cartoon with Jon Benjamin as Sterling Archer.

Nathan For You: A mock reality entrepreneur show, in which Nathan tries to do good but ends up messing up every time.

The Ben Show: A more focused look at what it is to be a comedian and how everyday things can also form comedic scenes.

(18/03/13 12:07 AM) Forgot two more! The Jeselnik Offensive and Legit are two great alternative comedy shows. Very different, the former is like a black comedy version of Tosh.0 and the latter is a weird quasi-drama about Jim Jefferies and his roommate Bill taking care of Bill’s disabled paralyzed younger brother. That one has a great ensemble cast.

Please check out just one of these and tell me what you think in the comments below. I love to talk comedy.

(19/03/13 2:40 PM) I also want to proffer a web series on Vimeo that a friend introduced me to recently. High Maintenance is a fantastic short comedy series about a weed dealer in New York City. Each episode is about different clients and how difficult they can be. The series also conveys a touch of loneliness that exists in New York City, but it also recreates the Stranger-Than-Fiction-reality embedded in this wonderful city.


One thought on “Check These Out (or don’t and be sad forever)

  1. I liked the kroll show more than the other two. I don’t know if its just me, but I didn’t get some of the jokes from the other shows. Then again, Ben, you usually have to explain these things to me :p

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