About Me / My Comedy


Well, I already posted twice, without describing what it is I’m doing here. This is a blog for comedians and lovers of jokes. I welcome clever chaps, witty people, intelligent persons who are interested in bettering their knowledge of the already legendary New York comedy scene. I welcome anyone willing to read my writing. I welcome everyone.

I myself am trying to break into comedy, writing all them time, but never have I had the chance to preform. Hopefully, this blog will give you a real understanding of NYC’s underground and alternative comedy scene. I am hoping as well to force myself to start doing stand-up at open mics (but I know a comedian has to bomb at first, so…I just avoid the whole situation(abbreviation: sitch (abbr’v: sitch(this looks like a math problem)))). This blog will therefore not only keep a keen eye on NYC’s comedians, but also my own trajectory to the stage as well. I can only hope that my reporting will strengthen your interest in comedy, and my comedy will strengthen your interest in this blog. Thanks for checking in. Come back soon for goodies galore.


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